English Script Translation 5
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Piggy : (Speaking in Mandarin) Thanks, Damian ! (Switching back to cantonese) Actually my Mandarin is very poor!

Damian : Mine is also bad !

Piggy : Damian,can I ask you..... I heard them saying your Mandarin is very good ... So I ' ll represent all Taohua-Dao members and also members of the newly launched Lau Chung Yan Fan Club, wish you success in all that you do ! Wish you good luck! Happy Always!

Damian : ( Replied, Laughingly ) Happy Always ?!! How to film sorrowful shows?!!

Piggy : Oh no, your acting in sorrowful shows are great !

Damian : Great ?!!

Piggy : Your tears are like running tapwater

Damian : With eyedrops !

Piggy : Of cause not, I don ' t believe it! And also, I have a friend from Shandong , calledAh Lui,he wants me to send his regards, he likes to watch your show too, hope you can film more shows and wish you good health

Damian : Thanks a lot !

Piggy : Also, we have a fan, staying very far, in America , called Wu Ye Lan Hua. She created an MV for you, entitled Passion

Damian : It ' s with someone now

Piggy: With Small Fish ?

Damian : With Small Fish ,

Piggy : Hope you will enjoy it !

Damian : Have you watched it ?

Piggy : Me ? I ' ve watched it! It ' s nice!

Damian : Really ?!!

Piggy : Really, take a look ! Take a look!

Damian : Ok ! Ok!

Piggy : Perhaps, give us some suggestions if you have the chance! Give us some suggestions about the forum and if we put up wrong information, give us your feedback too!

Damian : Let ' s see, leave your number with my assistant, Jessica, I ' ll call you when I get back to Hong Kong !

Piggy : Ok ! Ok! That ' s great! Thanks a lot, Damian !

Damian : Okay ! ByeBye!

Piggy : Okay !

Damian : Bye !

Piggy : Bye, Damian !

- The End -
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