English Script Translation 4
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Piggy : And can I request, because there are a lot of fans from America , Canada and other countries. Can we hear you speak English, because I think your English sounds very good!

Damian : You ' ve heard my English ? (a bit surprised )

Piggy : Yes, I did ! You speak English in Dramas !

Damian : Really?

Piggy : Yes ! In a scene of To Where He Belongs , You called back to Hong Kong ~~ To Look For~~ Kathy Chow, and you spoke some English.

Damian : I ' ve forgotten about that.

Piggy : Because we are your fans, so we take note of what you say!

Damian : How? What do I have to do?

Piggy : Can you help us.....

Damian : What ?

Piggy : Can we do it now?

Damian : What are you talking about?!! You have to give me a script?!! Do I have to say it now?

Piggy : Yes, pardon me, you can say whatever you like, for example....like .... some fans speak English, they like you a lot, send some greetings in English!

Damian : Greetings I need a script before I can speak!

Piggy : Oh..,or .... Our fan club is called Lau Chung Yan Fan Club in English, are you satisfied?

Damian : Okay !

Piggy : So can you speak to them in English, just a few words

Damian : hm ~~~ What should I say?

Piggy : erm ,How about Happy New Year , or anything will do!

Damian : Okay ! So do I have to end off with" Lau Chung Yan Fan Club "? !

Piggy : Yeah ! All members .....

Damian : members ?

Piggy : Yes ! members of Lau Chung Yan Fan Club.

Damian : Members of Lau Chung Yan Fan Club, Happy new year and with love ! You too ! And hopefully one day, I'll meet you somewhere, someday,here you are.

Piggy : Thanks ! Thank you,thank you very much ! Damian, can you use Mandarin to say the same thing?

Damian: Haha, Mandarin ? All without subtitles ?

Piggy : Mandarin, they will all hear this, we will convert it to an mp3 file and post it on the forum, Lau Chung Yan Fan Club!

Damian : Chung Gui ?!! I see, Chung from my name,what about the word "Gui".

Piggy : "Chung" the word from your name,"Chung Yan", "Gui" in Cantonese transliteration.

Damian : I see

{Piggy tries to explain the Chinese name of the Fan club to Damian}

Piggy : That ' s right, are you satisfied ?

Damian : ( Answered laughingly ) I am not sure, Lau Chung Yan Fan Club ( In Mandarin ) What should I say ?

(Speaking in Mandarin, starting to greet) Hi to all members of Lau Chung Yan Fan Club ! I am very glad that you all have created a forum for me, I hereby wish you all a Happy New Year! Hopefully one day, we can meet somewhere. Best Wishes to everyone!



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