English Script Translation 3
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Piggy : Oh, In Primary 6! Another question, when you were in the former ATV, is that your first job?

Damian : That's right !

Piggy : And later, went over to TVB ?!!

Damian : Yes !

Piggy: And, "Princess Cheung Ping" is very nice. I love it! Another question, I admire the postures while you were walking!

Damian : Posture?!! (Laughing while he answered) I just walked randomly!

Piggy : I would like to know if you had proper training in the Arts/Filming?

Damian : Not at all ! I do not know all those postures, the last time when we filmed Butterfly Lovers, My co-actress was Lee Lam Lam, I merely followed how she walked !

Piggy : Do you know that I liked you since that show!

Damian : Which show?

Piggy : Butterfly Lovers !

Damian : Oh, really ?

Piggy : Yes, because there was this once where TVB re-broadcast this show at night, I watched it and it so nice. Like it a lot!

Damian : In the first episode, I didn't know about the postures of walking, so I had to follow ...

Piggy : I think the costume which you wore was very beautiful!!!

Damian : Beautiful ?!!! (Laughingly)

Piggy : Very nice !!!Another question about the Radio Drama, did you train for it? I am referring to The Pigeon Garden radio drama.

Damian : No, I didn't train for it !!! It was done spontaneously!

Piggy : But it seems as if you have done radio programmes for a long time

Damian : Not true ! (With a very soothing voice )

Piggy : It seems very long?

Damian : I take it like a drama

Piggy : oh ~~~ Very emotional.

Damian : I act as if I am in a drama.

Piggy : And you sound very good while reciting the poem in the radio drama.

Damian : Thank you very much !



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